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A-G Graduation Requirements

A-G Requirements

A. History/ Social Sciences 30 credits/ 3 years 1 year of World History

1 year of US History (may be substituted by HIST 17B college class)

1 semester each of US Government and Economics (California Graduation Requirements)

B. English 40 credits/ 4 years Emphasis in Literature and Composition
C. Mathematics 20 credits/ 2 years Courses must be taken in grades 9-12 and should include at least Geometry and Algebra 2

3 years recommended

D. Laboratory Science 20 credits/ 2 years In at least 2 areas: physical and biological sciences

3 years recommended

E. World Languages 20 credits/ 2 years Courses must be taken in grades 9-12

20 credits must be earned in the same language

F. Visual and Performing Arts 10 credits/ 1 year 10 credits must be earned in the same form of art (may be substituted by college course)
G. Electives 50- 70 credits* Courses can be additional years in any of the A- G courses listed above or labs which extend A- G courses

Courses such as PE, academic literacy, etc. do not satisfy this requirement

Advisory 20- 40 credits* Students must enroll in and pass advisory every year

Schools will vary in offering half or full courses

TOTAL 210 credits All students must earn a D- or better for high school credit

*Students interested in attending a 4-year college must receive a C- grade or higher in all their A-G high school classes and college courses.

What about Dual Credits?

Students may take college classes in lieu of high school classes. Dual enrollment classes will meet the 3 college class graduation requirement as well as a high school A-G requirement in its relative field. Please see below for current eligible classes. 

Variable Content

Must Also Complete:

Exhibitions: complete one in each grade level (9-12)

College Credits: at least 3 college courses (9 units)

  • College units may be equivalent to 30 or more high school credits
  • May be used to satisfy academic elective or A-G requirements
  • May be waived by schools due to financial constraints

College Entrance Exams (i.e. SAT, ACT)

College Applications: apply to at least 3 four year colleges/universities

  • In addition to or instead of community colleges

College Financial Aid: apply to at least 1 scholarship and/or complete FAFSA


Variable Content

Grad Requirements Compared to College Admissions Requirement