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A-G Graduation Requirements

A- G Requirements

A. History/ Social Sciences 30 credits/ 3 years 1 year of World History

1 year of US History (may be substituted by HIST 17B college class)

1 semester each of US Government and Economics (California Graduation Requirements)

B. English 40 credits/ 4 years Emphasis in Literature and Composition
C. Mathematics 20 credits/ 2 years Courses must be taken in grades 9-12 and should include at least Geometry and Algebra 2

3 years recommended

D. Laboratory Science 20 credits/ 2 years In at least 2 areas: physical and biological sciences

3 years recommended

E. World Languages 20 credits/ 2 years Courses must be taken in grades 9-12

20 credits must be earned in the same language

F. Visual and Performing Arts 10 credits/ 1 year 10 credits must be earned in the same form of art (may be substituted by college course)
G. Electives 50- 70 credits* Courses can be additional years in any of the A- G courses listed above or labs which extend A- G courses

Courses such as PE, academic literacy, etc. do not satisfy this requirement

Technology 10 credits/ 1 year/ 1 college semester May waive by exam or juried assessment; if waived, credits substituted by another college preparatory elective (G)
Advisory 20- 40 credits* Students must enroll in and pass advisory every year

Schools will vary in offering half or full courses

TOTAL 240 credits All students must earn a C- or better for credit

What about Dual Credits?

Students may take college classes in lieu of high school classes.  The college class will meet the 15 college units graduation requirement as well as a high school A-G requirement in its relative field.  Please see below for current eligible classes.

Subject/ High School Class Equivalent College Course
English 4 (Senior Year) ENG 1106 (Alliant International University)
US History HIST 17B (San Joaquin Delta College)
Government (Senior Year) POLSC 001 (San Joaquin Delta College)

IRL 2020 (Alliant International University)

Economics (Senior Year) BUS 026 (San Joaquin Delta College)
Technology IST 1010 (Alliant International University)

CSIT 137 (MiraCosta College)

CSIT 110 (MiraCosta College)

Art FAR 1000 (Alliant International University)

ART 003 (San Joaquin Delta College)


Variable Content

Must Also Complete:

Exhibitions: complete one in each grade level (9-12)

College Credits: at least 5 college courses (15 units)

  • College units may be equivalent to 50 or more high school credits
  • May be used to satisfy academic elective or A- G requirements
  • May be waived by schools due to financial constraints

College Entrance Exams (i.e. SAT, ACT)

College Applications: apply to at least 3 four year colleges/ universities

  • In addition to or instead of community colleges

College Financial Aid: apply to at least 1 scholarship and/ or complete FAFSA

College Acceptance:  acceptance into a 4 year college/ university


Variable Content

Grad Requirements Compared to College Admissions Requirement