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Financial Aid Information

The purpose of Federal aid is to help cover school expenses (i.e. tuition, room and board, books and supplies, transportation).  Federal assistance is available for eligible students attending a public or private institution, career, or trade school.

Eligibility Requirements

  • US citizen or eligible noncitizen with a Social Security number
  • High School graduate
  • Enrollment in an eligible program as a student seeking a degree or certificate
  • Register with the US Selective Service if you are a male between 18- 25 years old

To Apply

  • Complete FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)- Application opens early January
    • The earlier you apply, the more opportunities you have
  • Review Student Aid Report (SAR) which confirms FAFSA information

Federal Programs

  • Federal Pell Grants
    • Based on financial need, cost to attend school, status as full-time or part- time student, and plans to attend school for a full academic year or less
    • May be eligible for up to $6,195
    • For undergraduate students
    • Do not have to be repaid
  • Federal Academic Competitive Grants (ACG)
    • Available for first and second academic years of college
    • Only given to Pell Grant qualified students
    • Need and merit based
    • Must have a minimum of 3.0 GPA
    • Complete “rigorous secondary school program of study”
    • Eligible up to $750 for first year of undergraduate study
    • Eligible up to $1,300 for second year of undergraduate study
    • Awarded amount combined with Pell Grant must not exceed student’s cost of attendance
    • Do not have to be repaid
  • Federal Stafford Loans (Student borrowed money from the Government)
    • Subsidized Loans
      • Currently at 4.53% interest rate
      • Government pays interests while student is enrolled in school
      • Eligible to borrow up to $8,500 per year
    • Unsubsidized Loans
      • Currently at 4.53% interest rate
      • Interest accrues while student is in school and is not paid by the Government
        • This will increase the amount of student loans due once school has been completed
      • Eligible to borrow up to $12,500 per year
    • Additional Notes
      • Students will have a 6 month grace period after graduation before loan payments must be made
      • Students may pay Unsubsidized Loan interests while still in school if preferred
      • Payment plans are available for student loan repayment
      • No credit history check
  • Federal PLUS Loans (Parent of undergraduate students, graduate or professional degree students borrowed money from the Government)
    • US Department of Education is the lender
    • Borrower must not have an adverse credit history
    • Maximum loan amount is determined by cost of attendance to the school minus other financial aid received
    • Current interest rate is 7.08% with a 4.236% loan origination fee
    • Repayment begins once loan is fully disbursed; however, parents may contact loan servicer to request a deferment while student is enrolled in at least half time or for an additional 6 months after student ceases college enrollment
  • Campus- Based Programs
    • Programs provide funds to academic institutions for distribution rather than direct distribution to students
    • Programs include Perkins Loan, Federal Work- Study (FWS), and Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)

Requirements For Cal Grants

  • Be a high school graduate
  • Be a US citizen or eligible non-citizen
  • Have a Social Security number
  • Be a California resident
  • Attend a qualifying California school
  • Meet US Selective Service requirements if required
  • Be enrolled in college in at least half time (varies depending on school)
  • Maintain satisfactory academic progress
  • Have family income and assets below established figures set each year by California
  • Not be in default of any student loan
  • Not owe any federal or state grant refunds

Different Types Of Cal Grants

  • Cal Grant A Awards
    • May be eligible for up to an estimated $12,570 for UC or $5,742 for CSU
    • May be eligible for up to roughly $9,084 for independent schools
    • Can use this award up to 3 years at a community college until transfer
  • Cal Grant A Entitlement Awards
    • Guaranteed to every graduating high school senior with a 3.0 GPA or above who meets financial requirements
  • Cal Grant B Awards
    • Provides assistance for living expenses, transportation, books and supplies, and tuition and fees for low-income students during the first year of school
    • May be eligible for up to roughly $1,672
  • Cal Grant Competitive A and B Awards
    • Offered on a competitive basis for students not receiving entitlement awards
  • California Community College Transfer Entitlement Awards
    • Community college students
    • 2.4 PGA
    • Meet admissions requirements to attend a four-year college
    • Meet financial requirements
    • Under 24 years old as of December 31st
  • Cal Grant C Awards
    • Students from low and middle-income families who are seeking an occupational or technical training
    • Provides an estimated $570 for books, tools, and equipment
    • California Community College (CCC) -$1,094
    • Non-CCC – $2,462 for tuition/fees and $547 for books & supplies
    • Must meet Cal Grant financial and eligibility requirements
    • Must enroll in a program that is four months or longer
  • California Chafee Grants for Foster Youth
    • Eligible for up to $5,000 per year to foster youth or former foster youth
    • Students must be 16 to 21 years old
    • Purpose is to assist with job training or college tuition

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All information obtained from LifePrep Academy booklet and some online