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Jake McMurran

Teacher, Humanities 6-8


As an adult reflecting on his years as a student, there are several things Jake McMurran found obvious.

1. He was most definitely wrong more times than he was willing to admit.

2. He needed people around him, other than his parents to encourage and believe in me.

3. He needed to be appreciated for what he was doing academically, socially, and emotionally.

4. He thought he had everything figured out.

McMurran believes that teachers influence young people’s lives on a profound level. As an educator, he aspires to make a difference and help guide the next generation of kids into adulthood. In his free time, he enjoys hanging with his wife Erika, his daughter Seren, and his brothers and friends. He plays video games, shoots pool, reads, writes, plays and coaches baseball and does complete “Do It Yourself” projects around his house.