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Michael Floyd

Teacher, Math 6-12


Michael Floyd lived in Stockton nearly his whole life. When he graduated high school, he decided to stay in town and do something that would benefit his community.

When he was 19 years old, he started a program in high-crime neighborhoods called Adopt-A-Block, because he wanted to do something to prevent kids in these areas from joining the gangs that dominated their streets. Week after week, he went back to the same neighborhoods, got to know the families, and did something fun and positive to change the odds for them. For years, this was his passion, and kept me going in life. Back then, what he was taught was different. Instead of math, he taught families about Jesus, and how to have fun without breaking the law (lol). When he was 28, I knew that my direction in life was about to change, and stepped down from the organization he was with; however, he didn’t know what was next.

Interestingly enough, while he was still trying to figure this out, a friend who worked at Port City asked to meet him at work one day. He walked on campus while school was in session, and was shocked at how cool, fun, and respectful the students at the school were. He looked around and noticed that the neighborhood the school was in was riddled with the signs of drug abuse, gangs, and crime. Yet inside the campus, all he felt was hope. He knew that the school was changing the odds for those kids and it really touched his heart.

That night, he called a friend of his who was a teacher, and asked her what he had to do to become one. A few months later, he was working at Langston Hughes.

In his time of working at LHA, he has been blessed to know that he has been a part of something that’s bigger than him. He feels like he has played a part in giving kids hope, and helping them to know that they can work hard to have a good future.