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Rachel Castellanos

Teacher, English 6-12


Rachel Castellanos moved from her hometown in Seattle, WA, to Stockton, CA, in order to pursue her English Bachelor’s degree at the University of the Pacific, with minors in Teaching Professions and French Studies. In her free time, Rachel enjoys writing, traveling, running, hiking, and caring for her pet chickens back at home. She describes herself as the complete English geek package, as her passion ranges from column writing about the latest fashion trends to reading classic literature. Rachel believes that the classroom represents a microcosm of the real world, and so she pushes her students to exercise practical and creative solutions to resolve issues that they are passionate about. Rachel seeks to show her students that the humanities still hold a reserved spot within this competitive world. She tries her best to construct the modern classroom built for the common millennial: high-tech, non-judgmental, dynamic, autonomous, and entrepreneurial.