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Tiffany Herndon

Teacher, History


Tiffany Herndon is truly ecstatic and honored to be joining the LHA community this year. Recently, she completed my Masters in Education at the University of the Pacific, and is looking forward to supporting LHA’s commitment to ensuring that the scholars are afforded equal opportunity to fulfill their dreams and to reach their full potential. Growing up in the Midwest, Herndon witnessed and experienced some of the injustices that are often endured, resulting from society’s perpetual socioeconomic disparities. She always saw education as a way to ensure that she would be able to achieve her goals and to eventually contribute to the community.

Herndon went on to complete her Masters in Business Administration and to graduate from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles. Before teaching, she had a passion for business management and entrepreneurship, and established and owned a small business. Later, her business forged a rewarding partnership with a local youth center, reigniting her desire to be an active agent for change and sparked an interest to teach. Thus, her teaching philosophy is predicated on culturally relevant pedagogy, critical thinking and constructivism to engender an environment of inclusivity that reveres the cultural identities and unique perspectives of each scholar, encouraging academic ownership and interaction. She is inspired by the limitless potential of the scholars and dedicated to cultivating the next generation of confident and competent leaders, equipped with the 21st century learning skills necessary to be competitive and successful in their pursuit of a college career.