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Aspire Student Application Process

Deadlines for applications differ by campus during the spring each year. Please contact each school directly to arrange a tour and learn more about the application deadlines for the upcoming school year.

To apply for enrollment for a  student at any campus of Aspire Public Schools, the parent or legal guardian must:

  • Complete an application online using the Online Enrollment System
  • Once accepted, return the completed registration materials before the deadline. If no confirmation is made, the student’s application will be cancelled


If the number of students who wish to attend the school exceeds the school’s capacity, attendance will be determined by a public random drawing. Depending on the site, priority in the lottery may be given to families within the chartering district, and/or to founding families. The parent or legal guardian will be notified by mail regarding the status of the student’s application.


  • Aspire Public Schools has no admission requirements
  • Aspire Public Schools does not charge tuition
  • Aspire Public Schools is non-sectarian
  • Aspire Public Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, citizenship, disability, national or ethnic origin in administration of its admissions policies or education programs

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