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Jamie Santos

Teacher, Humanities 6-8


Mr. Santos is a Stockton native. He grew up on the south side next to the dry Aurora levee. He met my wife in Stockton, and they are currently caring for their three year old twin sons. Santos loves Stockton and plans to never leave. He went to CAL and studied Philosophy. He is an OSKI for life and will gladly explore his CAL complex with anyone. Most importantly though, he is a first generation college graduate and a first generation Mexican-American.

His roots are in Mexico but all his love is here in Stockton. He comes from a large family and it is only getting bigger. Santos is an Audiophile. He believes that the most important accident to ever happen was music. He also loves playing handball. This is especially true for one-wall out door handball. Handball is a very important part of his identity and his own community. It keeps him connected across many identifying markers and with many people. One day Santos hopes to have a positive influence in Stockton.